Why Handmade Bricks?


The Yard Brick is like a document holds all traces of the past on it. People like to find his hand, labor is combined with cultural and historical values in the reflection of history is an aesthetic space.

The work with Yard bricks in more centuries ago are still used today has not lost.

Date of material used in buildings for which the blend between the bricks are made entirely from special selected qualified soil.

To protect the identity of the history and working with care for these values is our company's mission.



Yard Brick is known as the alternative earthquake-resistant construction material. The most important example for the strength of Yard Brick about earthquake resistance was Erzincan Earthquake. In Erzincan the buildings that were constructed with Yard Brick did not collapse.


Nowadays human being understands the strength and value of the traditional, hand made, ecological Yard Brick. Especially as a construction material Yard Brick has a high resistance at the basement level of the buildings. If we consider the result of earthquake the materials that is used for the pillars and the basement of the buildings has a great importance.

We believe that Yard brick is a good alternative material and the cheapest technique for high resistance and quality.


Depending on the Yard brick shows the resistance at high pressures. Due to this feature as shown in the way of laying electric cables, airports, railways and buildings are used create strengthened.

Yard bricks are used to protect the electrical cables that are laid underground and the cable has been laid out of any work to be done to prevent damage to power lines.

This is the biggest reason for the soil is made of other materials according to the underground resistance period is longer occur. 

By Yard brick Electrical cables on the effect of moisture and oxidation as a filter, hydroelectric plants, and underground cables in the floor to ensure the safe choice.